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    T-6 Zion Labs 50 Capsules


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    T-6 Zion Labs
    It has improved once again with the T-6 and is starting with a new formula. Includes 30 mg of EPH (ephedrine), 250 mg of caffeine, 150 mg of aspirin and 50 mg of 1.3 DMAA per capsule. This makes T-6 Zion Labs one of the most powerful training supplements on the market. DMAA in particular is not for the faint of heart, so mainly experienced users use this product. Beginners should approach the dose slowly and test tolerance beforehand. Also, you should not take the ECA stack just before going to sleep because its effect is extremely stimulating and exuberant.
    1.3 DMAA as an additional ingredient in this ECA-Stack is a tremendous burst of energy and an enthusiastic mood. In addition, DMAA also stimulates calorie intake and calorie consumption. At the same time, your appetite is inhibited, but you still have more strength and focus. It helps you get rid of annoying fat pads quickly and effectively, even in problem areas such as the greatly pushed metabolism, abdomen, thighs, hips or buttocks. However, you can build lean muscle mass at the same time because you have significantly more energy, strength, and motivation to train.
    T-6 Zion Labs Benefits at a Glance:
    1.3 Fatburner with DMAA, ECA stack with DMAA / DMAA booster
    animal body fat loss
    even stubborn fat deposits are obtained in problem areas
    massive increase in metabolism and thermogenesis
    more energy, pump, power and focus in training
    euphoric mood and more motivation
    Here is the DMAA / ECA stack / DMAA booster T-6 with Zion Labs new formula (2021) buy fat burner online!
    Suggested use:
    The manufacturer recommends:
    1 capsule per day with breakfast. Another capsule approximately 30 minutes before training, if well tolerated