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    LGD 4033 (LIGANDROL) Ontario Pharma


    • You Strength Boosting
      Improving Potency
      Lean Muscle Gain
      Bone and Muscle Healing
      LGD 4033 or (Ligandrol) is a “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator” (SARM) that has been developed to work its anabolic magic on the muscle tissue. It is one of the newer types of SARMs; it does produce similar results to steroids but without the horrible side effects. For bulking bodybuilders can expect to gain strength and muscle mass when combined with the right amount of calories and macronutrients. LGD 4033 works by binding to selective androgenic receptors in both the muscle and bone tissues. Therefore, this potent SARM bypasses the tissues of the major organs such the heart, prostate, colon and sebaceous glands. This process eliminates the harmful side effects that are caused by steroids, because they don’t have any affinity with the tissues in these major organs.