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    • Increased Muscle Mass
      Sustained Lean Muscle
      Decreases Body Fat Percentage
      Stimulates Burning Unwanted Fat
      A very popular stacking SARMs for its ability to help lifting cycles be more effective, S4 (Andarine) provides a variety anabolic effects without many of the issues that can arise from taking steroids. These benefits include more efficient mass building, longer-lasting lean muscle, and promoting the shedding of fat (and thereby offering the user a lower BMI). Where SARMs really shine over their anabolic steroid counterparts are in the aforementioned side effects category. For one, Andarine S4 doesn’t have any testosterone drop off while in recovery. It also doesn’t lead to an enlarged heart or male lactation and has no chance of aromatization. Still, SARMs are notably female-friendly in that they don’t lead to masculine features from testosterone boosts.

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